From sand dunes in the south-west of the state, to a semi-deserted landscape throughout the mid of the state, to pine forests of the north of the state and again semi-deserted landscapes up there, Arizona has everything to offer to a tourist.
But not only the tourists are enjoying these beautiful spots of this magnificent state. Locals do too.

Arizona sky - cactus, stars

“LOST // DISCOVERED” is a short film about four Arizonan friends, photographers and filmmakers, searching for beauty in Northern Arizona. Searching for something that you can’t find in the city. Away from all the chaos and distraction, an emotion arises inside of you. An emotion that wakes you up to the beauty that is essentially right in our backyards.

Those four friends were:
Jay Worsley (
Mike Olbinski (
Jason Williams (
Andrew Fleming (

Main shooting locations:
– Sunset Point, Arizona
– Horse Shoe Bend, Arizona
– Monument Valley, Arizona
– Canyon De Chelly, Arizona
– White Mountains, Arizona
– Mogollon Rim, Arizona

This film was shot and edited by Jay Worsley, with the contribution of his friends.

Exploring 1100 miles in only four days, seeking the finest feeling, just letting go and letting all in and capture beauty in our own way…


Below is the second installment of the LOST // DISCOVERED series, the journey of these four friends searching for their own uncharted wild west.

Night In Arizona

The moon is a charring ember
Dying into the dark;
Off in the crouching mountains
Coyotes bark.

The stars are heavy in heaven,
Too great for the sky to hold —
What if they fell and shattered
The earth with gold?

No lights are over the mesa,
The wind is hard and wild,
I stand at the darkened window
And cry like a child.

– by Sara Teasdale

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