Millions of flights are occurring every year, each having its own price. But how can you get the best price and when?
Hopper, an iPhone and Android application, launched last year helps you with just that. It’s free on iTunes and Android stores and it’s built not only to help you find the lowest price for your trip, but also to determine the perfect time to buy it. It does this by using its prediction engine which uses data and analysis from billions of tracked flight prices to suggest when travelers should buy tickets.

Hopper app - flight price predictor

The company says that it’s able to save users as much as 40 percent on flights, and in 95 percent of cases will get you a cheaper flight or one that’s at least the same price as you would have otherwise found elsewhere. By monitoring trip prices 24/7 and further in advance (and with a 95% accuracy), Hopper says your chances of scoring a deal increase. By December 2015 it saved users about $30 millions on airfares. It also has a price predictor that tries to forecast future fares based on historical pricing data.

Since the beginning of the last year the app was downloaded over 3 million times and has monitored fares for over 5 million watched trips. The app was so good in what it does that Apple has included it in its Best of 2015 applications round-up. No small feat considering that Apple Store (iTunes) has 1.5 millions apps available.

Hopper established also a partnership with American Airlines, having its fares through the app (American Airlines and American Eagle offer an average of nearly 6,700 flights per day to nearly 350 destinations in more than 50 countries).

Hopper was founded in 2007 by Joost Ouwerkerk, Sebastien Rainville and Frederic Lalonde and is based in Boston (USA) and Montreal (Canada). It is backed by Brightspark, Accomplice, OMERS Ventures, BDC Capital IT Venture Fund. To date it took a total of $38 million in funding to expand the team and the activity ($16 millions of that total amount was scored these days). For a company that’s growing 40% month over month, that’s a welcomed infusion of cash.

You can download it free from Apple iTunes or Google Play.

See below how the application works.