We all enjoyed the story of the The Grimm Brothers fairy tale “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs“. We grew up with it. We sometimes played it, not to mention watch it in movies/TV.
But did we pay attention to the Seven Dwarfs’ house? Probably not that much.

Well, it looks like somebody in Romania did pay attention!

If you look to re-create the beloved fairy tale experience in real life look no further than this lodge in Romania (Eastern Europe). It will surely satisfy your “dwarf” need, or your children’s.

The name of the lodge is “Castelul de Lut Valea Zanelor” (in Romanian) which means “The Clay Castle from the Valley of the Fairies” in English.

Romanian fairy tale lodge (Castelul de Lut) - Valea Zanelor, Sibiu, Romania
Photo: Travelgeni.com/Valea Zanelor: Romanian fairy tale lodge (Castelul de Lut) – Valea Zanelor, Sibiu, Romania

We have talked to the owner and he gave us the following details.

The owners – Razvan Vasile and his wife Gabriela – started to build it in 2014 (after selling their own home near the Romanian capital – Bucharest) and now it seems it is close to be finished. The owner being artists (singers) didn’t exactly know how to built it so they enrolled the architect Ileana Mavrodin, who specialized in these kind of constructions (this is not her first project).

The lodge will have 10 rooms, each of them with separate entrance, for privacy. The construction is built using clay, wood, sand, stone and hay. All mixed together (clay, sand, hay). This lodge is said to be 100% organic built with no modern finish touches like paint, varnish or even air conditioning (heating is done the old way: fire in the pit). How cooling is done then during the summer? But that’s just details.

They will also have a beach-like place near the river flowing nearby where you can lay in the sun. Kids will have their own place to play too.

So far the owners invested several hundreds dollars in this project but hopefully it will pay off in the future, as there are already requests from visitors to get rooms and spend time there after opening.

It will even have a restaurant (serving organic local food) which will open in several months and by the end of the year this lodge will be able to welcome its first guests.
Will you be among them?

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The place where this is built is near Fagaras Mountains, which can be seen in the distance. Also, Fagaras Mountains (part of the Carpathian Mountains range) is the home of the second highest peak in Romania: Varfu Negoiu (8,317 feet – 2535 meters).

The village nearby this fairy tale lodge is called “Porumbacu de Sus” and is about 24 miles away (40 km) from the city of Sibiu – a 45 minutes drive, Sibiu being one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. So, the village is reachable by car easily.
Fagaras Mountains are also the home of the “best road in the world” – named Transfagarasan – as Jeremy Clarkson said in his show “Top Gear” (2009) – 15 minutes drive east from “Porumbacu de Sus” village.

Transfagarasan – Top Gear

Imagine waking up in the morning, opening the windows and have these magnificent mountains right in front of your sight along with the birds chirping. In the winter especially, this must be mesmerizing! Just like in the fairy tales we were talking about!

Aerial view of “The Clay Castle from the Valley of the Fairies”