The world is full of amazing places to explore, but which ones can you afford?

Time MONEY has setup an interactive travel map which can help you find the perfect destination at the right price for you.

They calculated your expected “cost of a day” in each location by adding the typical cost of a night in a hotel, three inexpensive meals, and one mile-long taxi ride. Select “$” to see vacations that typically cost less than $150 a day, like stays in Fes, Morroco; Cusco, Peru; and Reno, Nevada.


Want some luxury? Select “$$$$” to see vacations that typically cost $250 a day or more, like trips to Paris, San Francisco, and Santorini, Greece.

The cost categories are:
$: $0 – $149 per day
$$: $150-$199 per day
$$$: $200 – $249 per day
$$$$: $250+

Click here and go to Time Money’s website to try out this online tool.