Johnny Jen was 27 years when he earned about $50,000 a year working in business-to-business sales. But company he worked for was sold later that year, he was offered a choice: stick with his position, or take a stipend and be laid off. He chose to go.
After several months he wanted to go somewhere farther from home and that was Thailand.

Johnny FD - online business, location independent
Photo: Johnny FD and girlfriend

“When people travel, and they go to another country, it’s always mixed. They say it was fun or good, but Thailand was that place that no matter who came back, they said it was the most incredible trip of their life. Everyone talked about it like this paradise.”, he said.

Among other things he has done was scuba diving. He liked the experience so much that he spent the next few years going from zero dives to nearly 1,000 dives, traveling the world (from Australia, Borneo, all across South East Asia to the Caribbeans) teaching diving and searching for the perfect place.

He even learned Muay Thai (that’s how he got his nickname “Johnny FD”), a fighting style practiced in Southeast Asia, and had some fights. He had been keeping a blog about his experience with Muay Thai. Hearing that he could make some money by turning the blog into an ebook he repackaged his blog into “12 Weeks in Thailand: The Good Life on the Cheap,” which made $600 in its first month on sale. He was encouraged by this and wanted to find out how he can grow the sales by talking to the emerging internet marketing group in Chiang Mai (Thailand). While doing this Johnny FD stumbled across dropshipping, a business where you serve as a go-between for customers who want to order products online, like a smaller-scale Overstock. After taking a course to learn the basics, he set up a dropshipping business from Chiang Mai that became a main source of income.

“I wanted to start a business so I could afford to travel the world with my buddies and see the sights in Europe, but to do that, I needed it to be location independent and profitable.”

Today, FD makes about $40,000 in revenue per month between various online pursuits, including his books (he wrote a second, “Life Changes Quick: 7 Steps to Getting Everything You’ve Ever Wanted,” in 2014), his dropshipping business, online courses he offers on Udemy, and miscellaneous sources such as affiliate income from his blog, He is even publishing his income report on his website. A average earning, Johnny says, is around $10,000/month.

Johnny says that there are two ways for people to create a similar lifestyle: “You can do what I did and quit and go live off savings until you figure it out, or, if you want to preplan, follow someone else’s success.

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His journey is presented here, in a shorter form.
If you are ready to start your online business and become location independent (which allows you to travel anywhere) here are some steps Johnny suggest you to take.
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