Dave and Deb Corbeil are a Canadian couple who are fulfilling now the dream of their life: travel and also make money from this.
They are kind enough to tell the world their story and how they did it so others can get inspired and maybe do the same.

Dave and Deb Corbeil
Photo: Dave and Deb Corbeil

It was only a year into our relationship that we relocated from Toronto to Vancouver to pursue our dreams of being famous musicians. While things didn’t exactly go as planned, we did fall into the booming film business instead. Dave as a Rigging Gaffer and Deb as a Make-Up Artist. It was after moving back to Toronto, that we decided to buy a house and focus on our careers. The Toronto Film Industry was busy back then, and summers were spent working on Hollywood Blockbusters as part of the crew. Dave worked on films like X-Men, Chicago and The Incredible Hulk. We ended up working 14 to 16 hour days and dreaming of next vacation.“, said the couple of their website, ThePlanetD.

Working in the film industry can be very rewarding in some ways, especially if you work on big productions, but in other ways also can take a toll on you. All you think of is how to get a little bit of rest, counting days or months until the next vacation.

“Having months off at a time during the winter, we escaped the Canadian cold to explore such exotic lands as Asia, Africa, South and Central America.
Soon, travel defined us more than our careers. In 2004 we took a seven month trip through South East Asia and knew that one day we would figure out a way to make travel a regular part of our lives. Nothing stirred a passion in us but we kept searching until we found what made us both happy. That turned out to be travel, writing, photography and each other.”

They basically applied what every entrepreneur does: finding a product and a market fit by testing and testing again.
So they signed up for Tour d’Afrique, (the world’s longest cycling race) in 2008 and that was the catalyst for finally taking the leap to changing their lives and turning their passion into a full time career.

“We were buzzing after the race and found that our creativity levels were at an all time high. We started our travel blog right after and we continue to share our stories with the world. We have travelled to over 100 countries on a all 7 continents together and learned a lot along the way. Now we want to share that knowledge with you. We want to show everyone that ordinary people can live extraordinary lives.”, said Dave and Deb.

They are not wealthy now nor they are super-humans. They are just regular people who found what makes them happy so they won’t need to go to a “job” every day. Their passion is their job now and they want to share it with the world.

Check out some of the photos they have taken during their trips

The travel blog they have started, ThePlanetD, won the Gold Medal for Best Travel Blog in both 2014 and 2015 and Best illustration of Travel by the Society of American Travel Writers. Over 280,000 people monthly visit the blog and 2.1 million plus followers on Social Media are following and engaging them daily. That’s a very nice audience they have built there.

As a result, their story has been featured in Lonely Planet, YahooTravel, National Geographic, BBC, The Huffington Post and many other international media outlets and brought in business partners like American Express Canada, TravelSmith, Expedia and TripIt. They also make money through speaking engagements, photography, affiliate sales and various client campaigns, earning more than they ever did in the film business.

The final words to those who are thinking on follow their steps are: “Anything is possible you just have to want it bad enough. So tuck in, grab a coffee and be inspired.

We, at TravelGeni.com, gladly feature your story of traveling and making money while doing it!

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