It’s not a secret anymore. Traveling can bring you big money! But if you’re a travel blogger be sure to get out of Southeast Asia. For a travel blogger, Southeast Asia could not be more cliché and the other option that’s left for you is to turn your social media into nonstop ads and a wasteland of sponsored stuff. And you know followers will ditch you right away.
Let us tell you more about a European country that you’ll fall in love with right away! Romania.

It is known for the Legend of Dracula but Romania is far more than this!
Situated in Southeastern Europe Romania’s population is growing. Almost 20 million people live there.
It is dominated by the Carpathian Mountains in the north and center while the main feature in the south is the vast Danube Valley which becomes a delta as it approaches the Black Sea. Why do people know so little about this amazing country?

Romania has been under the Communist regime for a long period that ended 27 years ago. Back then people weren’t allowed to travel abroad and that’s why Romanians couldn’t reach the outside world. Nowadays Romania not only that has rich gold resources but also hosts Europe’s only museum dedicated to gold. Charles, Prince of Wales bought two homes here, 2009 Top Gear’s hosts Jeremy, Richard, and James named Transfagarasan road “the best road in the world” (yes, you can watch the show online).

In Romania you can see the heaviest building on the Planet and second-largest building in the world after the Pentagon in the US – The Palace of the Parliament, the stone sculpture of Decebalus, the last king of Dacia, is the tallest rock sculpture in Europe, Romania is the ninth largest wine producer in the world, and if you go there you can enjoy some of the fastest internet speeds in the world. And this is just the beginning!

Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest, Romania
Photo: Aurel Rapa, Palace of the Parliament

Here are 10 reasons why you have to visit Romania immediately

1.Quality life with little money.
And by quality, we mean nightlife, 5-star hotels, health and beauty, entertainment, restaurants, and many others. These facilities are top quality. Why are the prices so low? Because Romania’s minimum monthly wage is not even 250 EUR!  Now think about your monthly income. I bet you’ll enjoy being a tourist in Romania! You should also know that Romania is one of the best countries for business according to Forbes.

2.Luxury city life OR fun in the countryside? Are you searching for new adventures?
This is the right place! You can watch online some 3D Tours but our advice is to find a travel guide or just ask somebody you know well to show you both sides of Romania.
What does luxury mean? It’s everything you can dream of. Everything: From private jets, beautiful women, caviar and champagne to fly-boarding, skydiving, clubs, latest tech, and yachts.

Romanian club in Mamaia Black Sea resort
Photo: Romanian club in Mamaia Black Sea resort

But the best thing about Romania is the rural area! You will be fascinated by the lifestyle of the Romanians in the countryside. Each family has its own mini farm: at least a cow, a horse, chickens, pheasants and peacocks, sheep, goats, pigs, bees, dogs and cats. These folk plant their own trees and basically everything from tomatoes to onions, cabbage, or potatoes. And when the wheat you’re using to make bread is from the backyard…imagine how healthy these folks are.

Hadambu monastery, Romania
Photo: Sorin Onisor – Hadambu monastery
Romanian countryside
Photo: Sebastiaen – Romanian countryside

You can taste homemade cheese, yogurt, and sweets. Romanians that have parents or grandparent in the countryside are the luckiest ones. They get free ECO food and unforgettable holidays.
Villagers are nice, almost all of them know how an Aston Martin looks like but most of them never owned a car. Why would you need one when you have a carriage?

Romanian horse and carriage in Bucovina
Photo: Sorin Onisor – Horse and carriage

No, not the one you’ve seen in the movies! Horse-drawn carriages used to transport logs, hay, and family members.

3.Romania has the most beautiful women in the world!
Europe is well-known for its beauties. But Romania, Russia, and Moldova are the best places to visit if you want to be surrounded by supermodels. So, if you’re searching for Superwoman, Romania is the place to visit. But be careful! Some of them are dangerously smart and funny!

Beautiful Romanian women
Photo: Beautiful Romanian women

4.Romanian cuisine!
If you visit Romania you have to drink Palinca, the traditional fruit brandy, with at least 50% ABV (the legal percentage)! If it’s too strong for you maybe you’ll like the Afinata – a blueberry liqueur, the Must – grape juice in the fermentation process that hasn’t become wine yet, Horinca – a plum or apple brandy or Socata – a non-alcoholic beverage made from fermented elderflower.
Romanian cuisine has something for everyone: Meat lover? Try Sarmale – minced meat with rice, Tochitura – a Romanian stew made from pan-fried cubed pork, Musaca – an eggplant, potato, and meat pie, Plescoi sausages – a Romanian sausage made from mutton spiced with chili peppers and garlic, Mititei – grilled minced meat rolls. Fish? Romanians eat mackerel, carp, catfish, and trout!

Romanian food, sarmale
Photo: Cristian Bortes – Romanian food, sarmale
Romanian food - Moldavian tochitura
Photo: Moldavian tochitura
Romanian food - meatball soup
Photo: – Romanian food, Romanian Meatball Soup

Want some veggies? Ardei umpluti – Stuffed bell peppers (sometimes might be stuffed with meat), Ghiveci – vegetable stew or cooked vegetable salad, Fasole batuta – boiled beans prepared mashed and spiced, Mamaliga – cornmeal mush, Ardei copti – roasted pepper salad, Muraturi – pickles, Zacusca – roasted eggplant, sautéed onions, tomato paste and roasted red peppers.

Romanian food - ardei umpluti
Photo: – Romanian food, ardei umpluti

Remember! Garlic is the number spice in Romania.The best way to keep vampires away…and frankly, everyone who tries to stay near you.
For dessert, we recommend Crème brûlée, Halva, Semolina porridge, Bird’s milk, Papanasi, Traditional Pie and Cozonac.
And this is just a small part of the Romanian cuisine!

5.There are so many places you have to see. We made a list for you! (Link 5)
5.1.Dracula’s Castle (Bran Castle);

Romania - Dracula's Castle (Bran)
Photo: Sebastiaen – Dracula’s Castle (Bran)

5.2.Bucegi mountains and Omu Peak;
5.3.Sighisoara citadel and Sighisoara Castle;
5.4.Brasov city, Predeal – mountain resort, The Black Church (Brasov), Council Square (Brasov);

Romania - Brasov, Eastern Europe
Photo: Sebastiaen, Brasov

5.5.Sibiu city;

Romania - Sibiu
Photo: Sebastiaen, Sibiu

5.6.Sinaia city, Peles Castle (it was the first fully electrified castle in Europe), Pelisor Castle;

Romania - Peles Castle
Photo: Gabi Spine – Peles Castle

5.7.Hunedoara county and Corvin Castle (Hunedoara);

Romania - Hunedoara Castle
Photo: Sebastiaen, Hunedoara Castle

5.8.The Black Sea, Mamaia, and Corbu Beach;

Romania - Black Sea, Mamaia beach
Photo: Wikipedia – Back Sea, Mamaia beach

5.9.Bears’ Cave;
5.10. The Blue Lake;
5.11. The Merry Cemetery;
5.12. Cazanele Dunarii;
5.13. Ovidiu Island;
5.14. Bigar Waterfall;

Romania -Bigar waterfall night
Photo: Radu Bec – Bigar waterfall night

5.15. Transalpina – one of the best roads in the world;
5.16. Transfagarasan Road;

Romania - Transfagarasan road
Photo: Sebastiaen – Transfagarasan road

5.17. Rasnov Citadel;
5.18.The “Sistine Chapel of the East” – Voronet Monastery. Its frescoes feature an intense shade of blue also known as the “Voronet blue”;
5.19. Iasi city, Palace of culture (Iasi), Copou Park (Iasi), Botanical Garden (Iasi), The Metropolitan Cathedral (Iasi); The National Theatre (Iasi), Golia Monastery, Galata Monastery;

Romania - Palace of Culture from Iasi
Photo: Andrew Colin – Palace of Culture from Iasi

5.20.Bucharest city, Botanical Garden (Bucharest), Palace of the Parliament (Bucharest), The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant (Bucharest), The historical center of Bucharest, Herastrau Park, The Grigore Antipa National Museum of Natural History (Bucharest);
5.21.Cluj county, Botanical Garden (Cluj), The church under the lake (Cluj);
5.22.Constanta county, Constanta Casino, Port of Constanta, Movile Cave;
5.23.The rock sculpture of Decebalus;

Romania - Decebalus statue on the Danube river
Photo: Byron Howes – Decebalus statue on the Danube river

5.24.Monasteries: Neamt Monastery, Putna Monastery, Varatec Monastery, Agapia Monastery, Dragomirna Monastery – gorgeously hand painted;
5.25.The Romanian thermal spa Baile Herculane;
5.26. Turda Salt mine;

6.Romanians are polite!
And it’s not just that. Romanian people will give you food and drinks all day long as long as you treat them nicely and you are…a foreigner.

7.The traditional Romanian costumes!
They became inspiration source to the wholesale fashion production industry designers, both Romanian and international. Yves Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Philippe Guilet are just some of those who got inspired by Romania’s folklore. Romanian traditional costume and Adele wearing Tom Ford’s blouse inspired by the traditional “Romanian ie”.

Romanian traditional costumes, - women, men
Photo: La Blouse Roumaine – Romanian traditional costumes

8. Romanian sayings.
Romanians are funny people. Their humor is a mixture of sarcasm and self-deprecation, unsophisticated jokes and pointing out the obvious. But Romanian humor can be spotted even in the way people talk. Here are just a few sayings:

8.1. I lost temper – My mustard jumped off;
8.2. He screwed up – He threw his boogers in the beans;
8.3. When you’re in trouble – You shit the stick;
8.4. I’m tired – I’m cabbage;
8.5. You don’t drive Romanian nuts – You take them out of their watermelons;
8.6. It’s cool – It’s concrete;
8.7. He has unusual ideas – He has a curly mind;
8.8. If someone is stupid – He is Venice bush;
8.9. A nervous Romanian – Has a carrot in his ass;
8.10.When a Romanian is lazy – He either rubs the mint, cuts leaves for the dogs or pulls the cat’s tail;

9.Charles, Prince of Wales is no longer a visitor!
He bought two homes in Romania after falling in love with the country during a visit in 1998.

Prince Charles - Romania visit
Photo: Agerpres – Prince Charles in Romania

10. Romanians are part of your history too!
Here are just a few people who changed the world forever:
10.1.Discoverer of Ribosomes – George Emil Palade;
10.2.Discoverer of Insulin – Nicolae Paulescu;
10.3.Inventor of Gerovital an anti-aging product widely used by famous personalities – Ana Aslan. John F. Kennedy, Marlene Dietrich, Kirk Douglas and Salvador Dalí, it is said that they all used Gerovital;
10.4. Inventor of the fountain pen – Petrache Poenaru;
10.5. Founder of biospeleology – Emil Racovita;
10.6. Inventor of Karpen piles – Nicolae – Vasilescu Karpen;
10.7. Established many of the major themes of cybernetics – Stefan Odobleja;
10.8. The first chemist to synthesize amphetamine – Lazar Edeleanu;
10.9.The ejection seat – Anastase Dragomir;
10.10. Remember that time Michael Jackson ended his concert by flying a jet pack around the stage? That is a Romanian invention. The jet pack inventor – Iustin Capra;
Looks quite amazing!

10.11. Discoverer of Coanda Effect and the pioneer of jet engineering – Henri Coanda
10.12. A pioneer of aviation – Traian Vuia
10.13. A pioneer in rocketry – Hermann Oberth
10.14. The creator of the theory of sonics – Gogu Constantinescu
10.15. The first 10 in gymnastics – Nadia Comaneci


And, yes, there are some things you need to know if you travel there:
Romanian roads – They might have two of the best roads in  the world (Transalpina and Transfagarasan) but don’t be fooled by this! If you’re thinking about renting a car the best choice is a 4X4 (if you want to experience the countryside or some off-road trips) or you can experience driving a Dacia – a car made in Romania.

Welcome to Romania and have a nice trip! Take a friend with you.


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