Mongolia’s nomadic culture is famous – visitors can sleep in a herder’s ger (traditional felt yurt), help round up the sheep, ride horses and simply ‘get back to nature’.

Mongolia is more than twice as big as Texas and nearly the same size as Alaska. Mongolia has the lowest population density among all independent countries in the world, and it is this vast and majestic emptiness that is the country’s enduring appeal, bringing the traveler, as it does, into a close communion with nature and its inhabitants (only 3 million in that whole country).
Visas are relatively easy to acquire, a handful of nationals won’t even require one (Americans don’t need it for up to 90 days).

If you love the outdoors, you’ll fall head over heels for Mongolia.
This seems to had happened to the Russian photographer Denis Frantsouzov, who made a trip in Mongolia last summer where he spent 40 days and came back with over 100,000 photos (that means about a Terabyte of data). It took him about three months to process all those photos but in the end he managed to make a 23 minutes timelapse video, named “Lost World Mongolia“, which is a pleasure to watch.

If, for some of you, Mongolia wasn’t a destination trip this year then maybe it’s time to reconsider.

Here are some shots chosen from those 100,000 taken by Denis Frantsouzov.

Mongolia - Altai Mountains

Mongolia - storm

Mongolia - night stop

Mongolia - stars

Mongolia - Gobi desert

Mongolia - Gobi desert

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